From a Martian

I gave her to you because I thought she will be happy. I thought you can take good care of her. I thought you’ll love and cherish her. Now what?

You just abused her love for you! She stupidly unconditionally loves you, and you? You ignore her. That’s not the way it is, man. It should be give and take.

And now that you’ve already got what you want from her you’ll just leave her like that? In that awful mess! You’ve scratched her pure heart. Or is it just the virginity you were aiming for? Silly asshole!

When she got mad at you, it gave me hope. I have the chance to steal her from you. I planned to comfort her and make her realize I’m here for her. I thought she would fall for me. But no. She loves you! Damn it!

You made her cry. Now, you’re getting mad at how her tears are flooding your conscience? You crushed her. That’s what you get.

The truth is, she really loves you. Only you. No matter what I do. It hurts. I want to scold her for being foolish. I want to get mad at her but I also don’t want to see her hurting like this.

So dude, I hope you’ll take care of her while she still have an ounce of love left. While she’s alive. While it’s not yet too late.

To: Abusive Earthlings

Earth will be mine.

You’ll see.

–from Mars



Mommy, you are ‘raw’!

I just knew last night that Mommy (the lady from No Relationships but With Endearments) actually has a wordpress account. 😀

I kept urging her to create a blog, and our conversation (exchange of sms) regarding the Naked Incident has went to ‘raw’-ness because of how she imagines my nudity. She’s naughty and nice,  sugar and spice. 😀

And here I am, here at the office, at this very hour, announcing my Mommy’s blog: paintmeraw

Mommy is a lazy kid. She seldom writes, and when she does, I guarantee it’s a good one.

This is an example why I liked her: Sometime in July 2012.

She’s a cool mom. And tough too.


For the record, about the Naked incident, if anyone of you is thinking that I was wearing white, it was blue. Dark blue. Okey? That’s much less disgusting in your thoughts. Right mommy? haha

And I was thinner, and younger then. I certainly did not looked like a hunk in the magazine.

Drooling now?

the kind of drool from a gag?

3rd Monthsary

It has been three months baby!

I can’t believe I had that industry in me. I never actually thought I’d be blogging almost everyday for 3 months already. I am amazed how I actually got 70 posts, 152 followers, and more than five thousand site views.

It all started one day when I woke up on “I don’t know which side of the bed” that I decided to write a blog. Maybe because I was lonely then, or feeling blue, or just tired of talking to myself. Maybe that was it. Just that, I am rekindling my lost passion for writing. Reignited, fueled by the desire to be heard. And to participate in life more often.

They say “monthsary-s” are made because most things don’t get the chance to reach a year and be celebrated as anniversary. I don’t know really if I can reach that day. I don’t know until when are the voices in my head gonna keep talking. All I know is that, for now, I’m happy for the past 3 months.

Each monthsary has been a surprise. On September, I got my first blog award. On October, I got freshly pressed. This time, to celebrate my third month, I created my own Facebook page. ( Level up!) haha

I know I’m just a newbie blogger but hey, it’s my way of patting my own back.



– RD has been my alter ego. A persona in me, not who I am totally.

– To facilitate easy access, I’m currently categorizing my posts in English and in Filipino.

– To CG series readers (two of which have been asking when’s the next part),  I am currently writing the draft. 😀

-To Sam, hi! 😛

-To fellow bloggers, keep blogging!


Cheers everyone!