No Relationships but with Endearments (A translated post)

As per request of a foreign reader (by foreign, I mean, not Filipino), here’s a translation of my post the other day “Walang Relasyon pero may Tawagan”. 

Here is my attempt of playing the role as Google Translate. To all Filipino followers, tell me how do I fare with this act. 😉


I really don’t know how to start the story. I just woke up one day having Mommy, Daughter, Sister, Lurve and all other cheesy endearments to different ladies/girls. Trust me, they are not my chicks (slang term for girls you play your hearts with, flirt with.) And I don’t even like them in a romantic kind of way in past or present.  We’re just friends. No showbiz pretentions included. (hey, am I even on showbiz?)

In no particular order, here they are.



This probably might be the ultimate eeeeeiiiiiick! The female police bestfriend of my cousin just used this to tease me. Yes. A female police and a male nurse. Perfect combo? hahaha One of the reasons why we were a little close to each other was because I looked up to her as an older brother.

Honeybunch, I have nothing to say. I know you’ll not be able to read this. Good luck perhaps. Wherever you are now. (P.S. Tell me where you bought that ‘original’ shoes you were telling me. Please!) Let’s get drunk!

Honeybunch is Camera-shy. I am the one who’s not. (a bit) 

Anak (Child)

Just to clear things, I have not yet impregnated any girl. It just happens that I had a child in an instant. She calls me Dad because I’m tall and she is small. She is a kindergarten lost in the college of nursing grounds (it seems). But like majority of kinders, she is cute. Of course, she’s my daughter! (the dad is cuter eh?)

Anak, I would like to dedicate to you a song from glee. ♪♫♪ Don’t stop believing! (you’ll get taller) 😛  How many months pregnant are you again? Oh, sorry it was just belly fat. I forgot. hehe I miss you anak! Looks like your lovelife is flourishing! Let me scrutinize that man! 

Considering that she is standing one level above a platform! This pic is too old. 😀



This one, we got close because of our love for books. First time we talked was when I borrowed the black book of BO. (Bob Ong, a famous Filipino contemporary author) I am not the one calling her lurve. It’s only her. Just to tease me. It happened because one time I joked that she got a crush on me and that’s what she fought back. She is older than me but she looks younger than I. And oh, because she also loves to write, I forced  convinced  her to enter blogging. Here’s her wordpress account: shitudiwen

Big sister ves, there you go! I just promoted your blog for free. haha Send me chocolates please. I guess I’ll be seeing the Denmark flag in my stats again this time.

The Giant and the Dwarf. :Dv


Mommy was one of the first people I got comfortable with when I entered the intricate world of college. She is one of the few people who I can share my most intimate secrets, and those I can ask for advices on anything (career and lovelife included), and vice versa. But most of the time, it was I who has something to share.

Maybe the reason why we both clicked was we were both phlegmatic. Laid back people. Chilling around the corner of the classroom watching all the commotion. By the way, I am a year older than her but I would say she thinks and behaves more maturely. And maybe that was the very reason why I call her Mommy in the first place. She is my eleventh mother. On my list, she is the only one not related by blood or affinity.

Mommy, if you were wondering why I asked permission to steal photos from your facebook account, this is the reason. Now you know (in a Manny Pacquiao accent).

Do you still remember this mommy? I realized we only got very few pictures together. btw, where’s daddy?


past is past. K. tnx. bye.


Sam who does not know that I… *sigh*


The bottomline: all of them has left a mark in my life. Sensible and can go with my madness. There are many other people I am close with than any one of them but we don’t have endearments. It’s not really the endearments that measures how close you are. It is enough that you know in your hearts what that person means to you.

To my sister (Mommy’s daughter too), her in-law which is also my ‘wife’, to Ai, big sister Karen, big brother Albert, and all my fans  friends which would take a long time to mention, THANK YOU. Ooops! I’m becoming sentimental.

Let’s karaoke! and drink! Not my treat. Contribute, I’m telling you.


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