Writing and Laundry

I have never imagined my “talent” for writing can be used to wash clothes! This is a breakthrough!

Here is how it happened: My sister must do a welcome speech for their seminar but is doubtful as to her capacity to make a good one. So, she asked for my helping hands.

You guessed it right. I traded the laundry for the speech. Brilliant isn’t it? To make things interesting, I asked her to wash my bed sheets! I have no problem washing my white uniforms, you know.

It’s a give and take relationship. πŸ˜€

Oh well, I was supposed to post the speech but since my sister won’t allow me, I’ll end it up here.

I hope she needs more paper works to write. My jeans and shorts has been in the hamper for quite some time now. πŸ˜‰


3rd Monthsary

It has been three months baby!

I can’t believe I had that industry in me. I never actually thought I’d be blogging almost everyday for 3 months already. I am amazed how I actually got 70 posts, 152 followers, and more than five thousand site views.

It all started one day when I woke up on “I don’t know which side of the bed” that I decided to write a blog. Maybe because I was lonely then, or feeling blue, or just tired of talking to myself. Maybe that was it. Just that, I am rekindling my lost passion for writing. Reignited, fueled by the desire to be heard. And to participate in life more often.

They say “monthsary-s” are made because most things don’t get the chance to reach a year and be celebrated as anniversary. I don’t know really if I can reach that day. I don’t know until when are the voices in my head gonna keep talking. All I know is that, for now, I’m happy for the past 3 months.

Each monthsary has been a surprise. On September, I got my first blog award. On October, I got freshly pressed. This time, to celebrate my third month, I created my own Facebook page. ( Level up!) haha

I know I’m just a newbie blogger but hey, it’s my way of patting my own back.



– RD has been my alter ego. A persona in me, not who I am totally.

– To facilitate easy access, I’m currently categorizing my posts in English and in Filipino.

– To CG series readers (two of which have been asking when’s the next part), Β I am currently writing the draft. πŸ˜€

-To Sam, hi! πŸ˜›

-To fellow bloggers, keep blogging!


Cheers everyone!