That One Crazy Girl: Physical Assessment


This post is just for fun. Just another I-have-nothing-to-do mornings. Data are approximates and based on the mental picture I have.


Alright, to give you a little background…

Inspection (I): the process of examining by looking, observing, using sense of sight

Palpation (Pa): examining by touching or feeling by hand

Auscultation (A): examining by use of a stethoscope, through hearing

Okay, here we go.

Enter: Crazy Girl.


An examination of patient  specimen Crazy Girl, 16 years old, female, stands ~5’5″, 54 kgs, second born, youngest of two, innocent, pure.

Head: round with thin light brown hair, shiny but not that silky nor vibrant, fair in length with ends touching the shoulder blades in the back, half-way the torso; face shaped slightly thin, like that of anime characters; eyes looks chinese with eyelids thin and eyelashes short and not so discernable; nose the typical Filipino noses; lips light pink, thin on both upper and lower parts with dimples 2-3 centimeters on the side when she smiles (similar to Maricar Reyes’); chin a bit edgy but relaxed and cute.

Skin: equally fair but more on the pale kind, smooth, warm to touch

Neck: no lymph nodes palpated; smooth to touch, fragrant

Shoulders: reveals bones, probably uneven due to use of heavy shoulder bags

Arms: slender but firm, trained for hard work and lifting heavy objects; armpits are sometimes noted to be sweaty but not smelly

Hands: calloused from work but soft to touch, cold  and clammy when I’m around; fingers long and slender, absence of nail polish noticeable,but still pink and alive

Chest: upper torso round, symmetrical; breasts on average probably on Cup A but unsure, palpation not done; breath sounds are clear; heart murmurs my name upon auscultation.

Abdomen: flat, no extra bulge of fat observed; skin evenly toned as the rest of the body; no masses palpated; bowel sounds normal

Legs and Feet: long but muscled, especially the gastrocnemius due to walking; scars notable, smooth, hairy; feet approx 7′, thin;  nails free of color, but mildly clean; sole is slightly yellow, calloused; hips are not wide and not so remarkable.

Perineum (repro organs): examination not done. consent not signed. nor asked (just to make it clear) .


Remarks: Physically fit to be a girlfr.

To refer for a complete psychological exam.


This is officially my 100th post! wooh! and its about Crazy Girl. -_-

Thank you all! 😀

That One Crazy Girl: Better Late than Never

In that instant, we became together. There was “us” now. Quite a stir, it was already March. In a few days, we’ll part ways. I will be somewhere else for college ; she (CG), being unsure of her college education. 

I don’t know how it was, but there just some seal on our lips after the letters were exchanged. We haven’t talked that much. Nor do we spend long hours together, as most of the teen tandems were doing. Just the usual walk towards home every afternoon, sometimes until the sky turns orange as the sun hides through the trees and crept beneath the horizon of the ocean. 

Aside from that,there seems to be a wall. We never made it public. No HHWW (holding hands while walking), no hugs, no kisses, no ‘put your head on my shoulder’ things. No PDA (public display of affection). 

At that time, I thought: “Have we been dragging each other in this ‘experimental’ relationship? enchanted? dreaming? Am I poisoned or what? Under a spell? Spell: LOVE”

Yeah, this song was ours.  


Perhaps, if I would choose a time when we cherished each other’s company, it was during the Graduation Ball. 

We decided to meet at some dark corner at the back of the classroom (Don’t you dare think of anything green! We just talked.) .

It was a clear night. The stars are brightly shining, it is the night of our dear— ooops! 



We kissed.









Thanks for my gay seatmate/classmate for interrupting! GRRR!


That was our first night together.



It was also our last. 


Graduation came. Then it was summer. I went to Cebu City (our neighboring island in Central Visayas) to enrol for college. CG was luckily sponsored by the school principal to go to an extension campus in our municipality.


It was just later that I found out He (the gay) has a serious crush on me! That I was the person he’s been blabbing in his diary. *sigh* So that’s the reason of his indifference to CG.  and the free paper, the ‘can-you-teach-me-how-to-solve-this-problem’ moments, the ‘can-I-borrow-your-notebook’…etc.. etc..? hahaha I’ll laugh this off. 


English Teacher: Come here you two! 

Me: yes mam?

CG: …

English: So, I heard…you are together. 

Me: O.O

CG: ^.^    

(it was CG who wrote it on her journal, which is required in our english subject.)

English teacher: Be careful my children, you know long distance relationships are hard, you might just break your hearts.



A premonition?


What’s the password? > TOCG: Letters

It seems I have just discovered this feature. And so I thought, why not give it a try? *evil laugh*

My latest update about the CG series have just been posted and it is padlocked! 😛

I promise to remove the padlock tomorrow but for eager beaver readers out there who can’t wait, here are your clues.

Let’s play a game. (in Saw’s voice)

You are now in a dilemma of waiting for the right time to read the post or just try decoding the password. Padlocking the post is a single letter, CG’s first name’s first, in small caps. Now, you have the option to try the 26 letters one by one until it unlocks. Or wait when the door’s open. It’s your choice.

*end of recording*



Lucky for Mommy of paintmeraw, she knows the answer. Go ask her.