The Year That Was

It has been a year since I started to enter this world of blogging. First of all, I extend my apologies for having NO POSTS since — I don’t know for how long. Forever?



Impaired blogging due to lack of time and inspiration probably secondary to burnout from work or just pure laziness.


I just woke up one day with all the things happening, to wit:

-being assigned in the Operating room

-finishing a 20-page case study in less than 24 hours alone (all about a 13-year old girl with imperforate hymen!)

-my last days in the ER, which I tell you, was one of those who burnt the whole sap out of me

er last days

-getting a hug from a girl unexpectedly (and being called her ‘angel’)

-my sister passing the board (and I won the bet)

-our mother’s surprise gift, a new laptop

-how I finally decided to buy my own digicam

-having my most embarrassing moment up to date

-the trip back home to our province (for a thanksgiving party)




-how I felt ill, hyperacidity, tonsillitis,and mentally


..with all these stories, still unable to write a post.


And here I am trying to write my anniversary post.


Thank you so much for all my followers, readers, droppers-by, commenters, FANS (?), co-bloggers, friends, everyone, for sharing your time reading this dark corner of mine. Thank you, really.


Let me leave you with a quote from the latest book I read, and would highly recommend reading, THE SHACK by William Paul Young.

“Forgiveness is not about forgetting. It is about letting go of another person’s throat.”

Completely unrelated to this post, but sensible enough, I guess. haha

Good day to all! I miss blogging! Hope to write more soon.