Adelante! Thoughts on the USJR scandal

I had personal doubts commenting about this scandal involving a student from a known catholic school, University of San Jose-Recoletos. (I even debated with myself with the thought of not mentioning the school but since it has made its way to the national news, I forgave myself) Further, I might be tagged as someone who wants to boost my stats or just another opinionated blogger whose overflowing with self-proclaimed ‘wisdom’.

Call me anything you want, this is my blog. :p

Mag-bisaya unta ko. But then, for the sake of my foreign followers, I am English to me. hahaha  Got that?

Enough with the intro!

Warning: This is badly written. Cross the line below at your own risk.


Here’s the story: The Sex scandal I am talking about involves a USJR student in uniform having some intense sexual action with her boyfriend on cam. Two consenting teenagers exploring their bodies.

In Uniform. With Consent.

The problem with the video (which I haven’t watched in full) is the wearing of the uniform (complete with school ID!). The act was amplified in all the different angles of it. Would it make to the national news if the girl did not wear that cloth? Probably NO.  It would just be another porn video online. You see, you [partly] represent the institution you belong by wearing that uniform.

Uniformity is next to stereotype-y.

But don’t get me wrong! Whether or not you are in uniform, you should never do that kids. All I want to say is, you carry a responsibility of honoring the institution because you are in uniform. Just as other professions like policemen, teachers, doctors, nurses, etc. Change clothes. Respect it.

The school will resume wearing their uniform next week as announced. To let the stir settle a bit, they have suspended it for a time. It was to protect its students from the casual stare they get from wearing that uniform and being mocked by some arrogant people, some even trending the joke “i-USJR mo ako!” (roughly implying ‘do it to me’).

So yeah, those green skirts and white long sleeves are back with much greater honor. Stains can be easily washed off right? And sometimes we need a little bleaching. but still, it’s a learning experience to be careful not to stain it again.

Adelante! (Forward!) USJR shouts!

Adelante! (Forward!), USJR shouts!


Rumors spread like wild fire. The Girl is expelled. The Girl committed suicide. The Girl is migrating to the states. The video was uploaded as a blackmail after the girl broke up with the guy. The phone was snatched and the snatcher uploaded it.

Among all these, I can confirm that the girl is allowed to graduate for as long as she complies with the requirements. And that she is alive.

Oh, it is very disappointing how people create stories. How awful has the effect of nighttime dramas twisted their minds?  From reading too much cheap novels? Well, it only proves how primitive our minds are. Sex is still an easy bait.

Right now, as to the legal aspects of this case would cover, I would leave that to the experts. It seems to be not covered by the RA 10175 (Cybercrime Law) but it seems to be under that Anti Voyeurism Act born after the Hayden Kho mess. That’s the limit of my nit-wit right there. Sorry.


To clear things:

I am not a USJR student.

I have not watched the video. Nor do I have the link. But I tried to watch it. And caught myself guilty of lust. So I stopped. I watched better videos.

I am not perfect. So are you.


Condemn the act. Not the person.

Let He

10 thoughts on “Adelante! Thoughts on the USJR scandal

  1. For me, in uniform or not, that should have not been an issue AT ALL since it was done in private by, as you said, two consenting teenagers. The issue is why it was made public and whoever was the guilty party — boyfriend, a friend anyone of them trusted, snatcher…? Why there had to be talks if she could graduate is beyond me. RIDICULOUS to the nth level. I don’t think she was thinking, “Oh I’ll wear uniform and my ID while doing this so people will recognize me and I can shame my school.” The problem really was she wasn’t thinking much of the consequences. But, ‘yun nga, John 8:4 . Kung sinabi nilang ipapatanggal siya eh talagang magsa-sign ako ng any petition demanding for her rights as a student, a “child,” a person. Kasi kung gano’n, that would be unfair. They’d have to catch every boy and every girl from that school doing the deed and see if they’re in uniform. Oh I AM sure there’s more than one student-couple having sex. That’s reality. Not advisable, I wouldn’t even want my own kid to do that, but it’s reality. Lastly, as a religious school, it’s all but right to accept a child who has done wrong. Lead children to the right path, not condemn them to hell. Kasi IF they’re first to condemn and act holier than thou, I’d say they’re religious hypocrites. What that girl needs now is understanding and support.

    Just my opinion, too. 🙂

    • I agree! Kung maka-kundina naman kasi yung iba, akala mo kung sino. hehe and bumilib ako sa school kasi kahit gano’n na nga ang nangyari, ay hindi sila nagpaka-hipokrito at suporta pa rin sila sa pag-aaral nung girl. kung sino man ang may kasalanan nito, dapat talagang managot. Ang iba, ang common tao, ay dapat ding matuto.

  2. hmmm., nak, i saw the ‘vids’ nya naluoi jud kau q sa girl.. saon, sayang lgeh wla na cxa mipadaun, graduating nman unta cxa., nka.witness sad jud q nga naai mga tambay if mkakita ug tga.usjr k muingon daun, “i-usjr mo ako”., mga gamai jud ug utok aii.. mkasaput.,grrr.

    nice post 🙂

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