The ‘Friendzone’

They say friendship is the foundation of love. It is a good thing to start as friends before turning to lovers. You get to know the person more. Be with them as they are. Share your secrets openly. Know their likes and dislikes. You share a common starting point and from there comes a strong bond.

Picture perfect!

That is, until you got ‘friendzoned’. You are classified to only limited to being just a friend, a sibling relationship. Nothing more.

Here is a definition of friendzone from the Urban


Your vision of having a beautiful relationship together as lovers turns just a dream to be pondered. Enough of the daydream! You are stuck in a situation where risking your friendship for a chance of a romantic relationship have backpedaled you to a pit of stagnation.

A common line for the girl would be “you’re such a good friend” and “we’re just friends”. Sometimes, when you try to lead the conversation into a more romantic topic, she usually would shrug it off and laugh at you as if you’re just joking.

You will feel ambivalent. An internal debate whether: Would you be happy because he/she is your friend? Or would you be sad because you are just friends?

In the end, it is up to you. You can stay and still be friends with her/him, hoping in the coming days for a love to sparkle and grow, or just be there and be a loyal friend he/she can count on. There are so many fish in the sea, right? Though you may want to catch that sole fish you really want, there might be other fishes worth catching.

At some point you should realize that a relationship should be mutual. Contentment and respect for the other person’s preferences would be such an expression of love. What’s love without a little sacrifice, eh?

Love is not just an emotion you feel. It’s also a decision you make.