I want to have a baby

Sometimes, having a baby might just be a brilliant idea. As I see my peers posting pictures of their cute and adorable babies, a part of me feels envious of what a magical pet creature they have. I’m like a kid yelling “I want one!”

I turned 24 yesterday and it pressures me as to when I’m starting my own family.

I don’t rush things. I take small baby steps, I don’r risk big careless leaps. I take calculated risks even rarely.

Having a baby entails a magnitude of responsibility. I don’t have a stable, high paying job! Worse, I don’t even have a girlfriend!

But when I see parent peers scrambling for something — their baby’s sick, need money for something, don’t have time for self– my conscience whispers : do you really want to have a baby? Really?

Hmmmm. Maybe not this time. Not yet.
Too early.

I want to see my child graduating college, having his/her own family ; a grandchild. Based on my calculations, I should have a baby now or in years later to do that.
Life happens anyway.


aren’t they just adorable?


It took me a week to edit. Killing my darlings is tough!


I Wish I Were…

I wish I were a kid again.

It is the most peaceful time of my life.

I don’t have bosses to follow,

Only simple rules, it’s still cute to be shallow.

I don’t have to wash my own clothes or do the dishes,

I just simply eat, laugh, fulfill my parents simple wishes.

No chores to accomplish, no assignments to attend to,

No complicated love relationships,

No heartbreaks, no judgments

Simple acts of kindness,

Obedience will do.


If a magical genie would appear in front of me now, I would wish to be a kid again.

To be free from worries. Be free from the earthly stresses that shake up our life. Free from the problems with the economy, the oil price hike, the political issues, the crimes, the gossips, the exams, broken relationships, quarrels, debts, unpaid bills, everything! They would even consider a storm to be a chance to dance in the rain. To treat life lightly and worry-free. That’s why I wish to be.

FORGIVE and forget. Kids never hold grudges. They cry if you scold them, shout at them, hit them, tease them, but at the end of the day, (or after you give them a piece of candy) they still turn to you as a friend. They do it easily they don’t mind who you are or what you did.

Innocence. Purity. To never lie. Never hold back what you are feeling because you know the people around you will understand you no matter what. To express anger when you are angry, to cry loudly when you are sad and lonely. Doing it in front of everybody, and still get their sympathy. No weird looks, only pure company.

LOVE unconditionally. They don’t mind the riches, they don’t care if you are a family of witches. They see love in your eye, they will come to your side. They hug you after a long day at work, they give you sweet kisses and ‘I love you’s. That all for the value of attention and affection you invest.

Here’s my nephew. Too cute. 😀

To be worry-free,
To forgive easily
To be innocent and pure
To love, be secure.

That’s what I like about kids.

That’s why I wish to still be
Child-like but not childish
Youthful but mature.