Am I worthy?

Do I deserve what I have?

[This post is in response to the daily prompt : the socratic method.]

I recently got promoted from being a nurse contractual to a regular nurse 1 plantilla position in the institution where I’ve been a part of for two and a half years. I was delighted of course, realizing that my efforts and dedication have been noticed and rewarded. However, there’s ambivalence at the back of my mind– am I really worthy?

The question aroused when one by one I met those of my ‘batch’ colleagues who got promoted. Most of them have beem serving the hospital for three long years or more. I felt like a newbie, unknown and novice.

Change, not the length of time, is what experience is all about.

I stumbled upon this quote in one of our classes on nursing theorists.

Yes, its absolutely true. It’s not about the length of time or years of experience. It’s about the quality of care, the self-improvement you developed through the years. Though the amount of learning may be attributed to time and experience, it’s still up to the learner how quickly he can adopt and hone those skills.

Getting a regular item in a public institution is no joke. We have undergone tedious screening. Exams, interviews, tests, evaluation, etc. But the more compelling question gossiped around the premises is: who backed you up?

Who backed me up?

It is undeniable that the issue of ‘backer’ system is commonly brought up in any office. As for me, I would say, aside from my senior nurses who saw what my capabilities and work ethics are, I have the big boss backing me up.

Him. The owner from up above any organizational structure.

The Lord.

I may not be worthy or deserving of any of these, but through Him, by Him, I am made worthy.



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