From a Martian

I gave her to you because I thought she will be happy. I thought you can take good care of her. I thought you’ll love and cherish her. Now what?

You just abused her love for you! She stupidly unconditionally loves you, and you? You ignore her. That’s not the way it is, man. It should be give and take.

And now that you’ve already got what you want from her you’ll just leave her like that? In that awful mess! You’ve scratched her pure heart. Or is it just the virginity you were aiming for? Silly asshole!

When she got mad at you, it gave me hope. I have the chance to steal her from you. I planned to comfort her and make her realize I’m here for her. I thought she would fall for me. But no. She loves you! Damn it!

You made her cry. Now, you’re getting mad at how her tears are flooding your conscience? You crushed her. That’s what you get.

The truth is, she really loves you. Only you. No matter what I do. It hurts. I want to scold her for being foolish. I want to get mad at her but I also don’t want to see her hurting like this.

So dude, I hope you’ll take care of her while she still have an ounce of love left. While she’s alive. While it’s not yet too late.

To: Abusive Earthlings

Earth will be mine.

You’ll see.

–from Mars



To my son, an open letter

Dear son,

I love you. I want you to know that first of all. There are times you may not feel it. There are time you may doubt if you are really loved. There are times I am angry at you. But please don’t forget: I love you.

From the first time I heard you cry, up to this moment you are walking with me to school, the joy I have is still overflowing. Such a creation like you could only bring ecstasy like this. No pets, books, films, or food can even equate the happiness I feel when I’m with you. Please know that. Even if I don’t show it that much.

When you want something, be willing to wait. Know the value of patience and perseverance. I cannot give you all you want. But I will make sure you have everything you’ll need.

I may not be at home all the time to watch you sleep, have dinner with you, or play with you in the yard. Please do understand that what I am doing is for us to live. I may be taking care of other patients, but I am taking care of them as if they’re my own blood. All these I do, I do it in the name of love.

Don’t give your mother a headache. She is your superwoman in the house. An all around servant/cook/gardener/mother/wife/friend/and endless things she can do for you. Do help her. Be a good boy. Just that, and all her burdens are gone. She’ll be recharged. If you want a little more, a kiss in the cheek and a tight hug is way better. Don’t be shy.

Whenever you think we love your younger sister more than we love you, count the things we did for you. Open your eyes to what we have given you that your sister did not have. You will always be loved equally. Though in different ways of treatment, but equal still.

When you asked for a PSP and I declined your plead, please understand that I want you to play in the streets. It’s more fun. I want you to enjoy the little things that matter. A neighbor’s company, a friend’s support, the thrill of mischief, of running free, the exhaustion of the body with the lightness of the soul.

Please do study well. It’s okay if you are not an outstanding student but please do your best. Love school. Don’t go there because you want good grades, or you have a crush on someone [though that is also good], but more than that, go to school because you want to learn. Don’t mind how many crayons you got on your pack, or how many pencils, erasers or paper you got, just learn to love learning.

I hope I’m making sense here. By the time you can read this, I suppose I have already found your mother. My journey is still unfinished though, so whoever your mother will turn out to be, she will be right for you. And for me.

Till the day we’ll meet!


Your father



I have been writing about memories, going back to the time that has passed. This time, I wrote something futuristic. Just for fun. Thanks to  weekly writing challenge. for the inspiration.