The Carabao Whisperer

Yesterday was Church Worker’s Sunday and I am really hit by an anecdote shared by our Pastor. Some of you might probably heard this but I just wanted it to take a space in my blog. It’s worth sharing. 🙂

During a fiesta celebration of a certain town, there was a contest tagged The Carabao Challenge. People lined up to participate. They were from various walks of life. Some are doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, and businessmen.

Carabao, a water buffalo. Philippine’s National Animal.


The first round of the challenge was to make the Carabao cry without touching it. The doctor tried to use all his medical knowledge but failed. The teacher tried to teach the carabao to cry but also failed. Not even the lawyers’ speech, nor the engineer and businessman’s antics were effective. So the announcer called out, “Is there any other participant who’s willing to join?

I’ll give it a try.” A pastor in the audience volunteered. The pastor went near the carabao and whispered something in his ear. The crowd was amazed as tears flowed from the carabao’s eyes.

OOOOOOooooongaaaaaa!” the carabao wept loudly.

The announcer of the contest immediately declared the pastor as the winner. Confused and amazed how the pastor did it, he asked. “What did you whispered to the carabao to make it cry?”

The pastor answered:


“I just told him how much was my salary.”


Most church workers, particularly pastors, can definitely be listed as one of the most underpaid jobs. It is not that they are unappreciated, they are just less paid. I knew lots of pastors earning only a minimum amount; not even enough for the whole family or even to send someone to college. The thing is, the financial support from most small churches in far flung areas in the country  are just above the lifeline. However, these church workers are still doing their mission as spokespersons of God, sent and chosen to spread His word. And they do it with sacrifice. Lots of it. However, ultimately, (let me borrow again from what our pastor stated),

When God chooses, he equips.

When God sends, he provides.


For the second round of the Carabao Challenge, the objective was to make the Carabao run. The doctor, teacher, and all others tried their best but again failed. The carabao didn’t nudge. So, everyone was cheering for the wildcard contestant, and the pastor walked toward the carabao and again whispered something.

The carabao ran wildly straight away from the crowd and into the far away mountains without even turning back. The crowd went wild and applauded happily. The announcer, as curious as everyone was (including you too, my dear reader I guess), asked the pastor what he whispered.

“I told the carabao,” the pastor said calmly,




“do you want to be a churchworker?”


Many are called, few are chosen.

But even fewer have responded.






by  BOB ONG’s white book entitled “Stainless Longganisa” (referring to the ballpen, para sa wala ka gets. peace!),

by someone who woke up the inner Shakespeare in me,

by the people who continuously “LIKE” my stati (plural sa status? kay dba, cactus=cacti? hehe), kanang mo like maski walay pugsanay,

by the people who continuously make my world colorful,

and by the Lord who showers me with all the blessings and inspiration.