Standing here in front of you

Face to face

Don’t know what to do

Don’t know what to say


I’m lost for words

My tongue paralyzed

Don’t know where to start

Don’t know what to feel


My brain is in blackout

Heart on a standstill

Lungs hungered for air

Arms wanting you near


Staring into that gloomy eyes

Filled with pain and sacrifice

Those lips curved down

That face now a frown


I’m sorry, I really am

A jerk, insensitive bastard

I have hurt you, crushed you

I am a criminal, murderer of a soul


What would be the reason for staying?

Pretending we’re okay

Inside we are both hurting

Wondering what may


This I think is what is better

You go on with your life

I’ll continue with mine

No more connections

No more pretensions

Just pure purpose

Let’s find ours.



Moving On…

We live this life for ourselves. We struggle for excellence, we pursue our own dreams. We all do it for our benefit. But in the end, the greatest we could do is dedicate those things, our well spent lives as a whole, to the ones who we think deserves. It’s just up to them to appreciate it.


When moving on, you try to sort things out. You leave all the hatred and pain. You bring with you the life lessons. Like throwing the garbage and packing the things you still need, those you want to have in the future. In the process, you get to realize what’s valuable and which are junk.

At first, you might find it hard to let go of some things. You will feel empty, scattered, disorganized. But then life goes on, you continue sorting things, and in time you will find a new sense of direction. And from there, you’ll never be lost.

At some point, you become tired of all the mess and clutter you have to dispose. Rest, take a deep breath. Remember that there are always people around to help you. You don’t have to do everything by yourself.

If there are unfinished business you have to do, don’t hesitate to go back and fix it. Everyone deserves a second chance. Life is a journey, but roads have U-turn slots right? Use it wisely though. You may never encounter another one.

“Take baby steps. Don’t leap, you might fall and get hurt.”

Though moving on is not that fast and easy, taking baby steps are of help. Each day is a time for healing, for mending things, for picking up the pieces of yourself, and slowly fill the emptiness, letting the brokenness be whole again.

In the end, you maybe bruised, scratched, and aching. Yet, victory is yours. For nothing is more successful than conquering your own self.