Mommy, you are ‘raw’!

I just knew last night that Mommy (the lady from No Relationships but With Endearments) actually has a wordpress account. 😀

I kept urging her to create a blog, and our conversation (exchange of sms) regarding the Naked Incident has went to ‘raw’-ness because of how she imagines my nudity. She’s naughty and nice,  sugar and spice. 😀

And here I am, here at the office, at this very hour, announcing my Mommy’s blog: paintmeraw

Mommy is a lazy kid. She seldom writes, and when she does, I guarantee it’s a good one.

This is an example why I liked her: Sometime in July 2012.

She’s a cool mom. And tough too.


For the record, about the Naked incident, if anyone of you is thinking that I was wearing white, it was blue. Dark blue. Okey? That’s much less disgusting in your thoughts. Right mommy? haha

And I was thinner, and younger then. I certainly did not looked like a hunk in the magazine.

Drooling now?

the kind of drool from a gag?

Be real. Spill it. What do you think?

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