What’s the password? > TOCG: Letters

It seems I have just discovered this feature. And so I thought, why not give it a try? *evil laugh*

My latest update about the CG series have just been posted and it is padlocked! πŸ˜›

I promise to remove the padlock tomorrow but for eager beaver readers out there who can’t wait, here are your clues.

Let’s play a game. (inΒ Saw’s voice)

You are now in a dilemma of waiting for the right time to read the post or just try decoding the password. Padlocking the post is a single letter, CG’s first name’s first, in small caps. Now, you have the option to try the 26 letters one by one until it unlocks. Or wait when the door’s open. It’s your choice.

*end of recording*



Lucky for Mommy of paintmeraw, she knows the answer. Go ask her.





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