That One Crazy Girl: Physical Assessment


This post is just for fun. Just another I-have-nothing-to-do mornings. Data are approximates and based on the mental picture I have.


Alright, to give you a little background…

Inspection (I): the process of examining by looking, observing, using sense of sight

Palpation (Pa): examining by touching or feeling by hand

Auscultation (A): examining by use of a stethoscope, through hearing

Okay, here we go.

Enter: Crazy Girl.


An examination of patient  specimen Crazy Girl, 16 years old, female, stands ~5’5″, 54 kgs, second born, youngest of two, innocent, pure.

Head: round with thin light brown hair, shiny but not that silky nor vibrant, fair in length with ends touching the shoulder blades in the back, half-way the torso; face shaped slightly thin, like that of anime characters; eyes looks chinese with eyelids thin and eyelashes short and not so discernable; nose the typical Filipino noses; lips light pink, thin on both upper and lower parts with dimples 2-3 centimeters on the side when she smiles (similar to Maricar Reyes’); chin a bit edgy but relaxed and cute.

Skin: equally fair but more on the pale kind, smooth, warm to touch

Neck: no lymph nodes palpated; smooth to touch, fragrant

Shoulders: reveals bones, probably uneven due to use of heavy shoulder bags

Arms: slender but firm, trained for hard work and lifting heavy objects; armpits are sometimes noted to be sweaty but not smelly

Hands: calloused from work but soft to touch, cold  and clammy when I’m around; fingers long and slender, absence of nail polish noticeable,but still pink and alive

Chest: upper torso round, symmetrical; breasts on average probably on Cup A but unsure, palpation not done; breath sounds are clear; heart murmurs my name upon auscultation.

Abdomen: flat, no extra bulge of fat observed; skin evenly toned as the rest of the body; no masses palpated; bowel sounds normal

Legs and Feet: long but muscled, especially the gastrocnemius due to walking; scars notable, smooth, hairy; feet approx 7′, thin;  nails free of color, but mildly clean; sole is slightly yellow, calloused; hips are not wide and not so remarkable.

Perineum (repro organs): examination not done. consent not signed. nor asked (just to make it clear) .


Remarks: Physically fit to be a girlfr.

To refer for a complete psychological exam.


This is officially my 100th post! wooh! and its about Crazy Girl. -_-

Thank you all! 😀

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