Reflecting On: No Mirrors

What if one day you wake up in a world without mirrors?

It will be the same. If not, better.

I am not a mirror kind of person. Though in a profession where I have to be presentable to my clients (as a nurse to my patients), I am not so self-conscious with the way I look. I don’t even comb my hair. A hand swipe and that’s it. A quick fix. But I do take a bath, to clear your doubt.

I guess people around me would be much affected. I’m talking about majority of the people around me at work, the female species. Some might go hysterical about the idea. How will they do their make up? What if their hair is not as obedient as they want it to be? What about their clothes, are they neat enough? Are there new pimples?


I guess a world withour mirrors will be better. As we focus less on our physical appearance, we might just improve our way of displaying our personalities, the inner self that is often hidden.

The absence of mirrors might just be the key to viewing ourself from the standpoint of others. Let others be the mirror that we want to see ourselves. Let their attitude towards us, be the reflection of who we are to them.


Be real. Spill it. What do you think?

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