Early Morning Stroll


August 26, 2013 | 5:00AM

It was my day off. Coming from a double shift duty the previous day (6am-10pm), my eyes stole my much needed sleep. They just opened at the time they were used to, too early for a day off. 

I am not a jogger. Just a trying hard photographer with a digicam.

The solution: an early morning walk. Enough to tire my body (and hopefully my eyes), and go back to sleep.

The product: these amazing pictures. 

This is what I pass by everyday on my way to work.


there’s something in this corner that I love every morning. the wires?

UCCP Bradford (century-old)

UCCP Bradford (century-old)

the tallest in cebu

the tallest in cebu

along osmena blvd /  jones avenue

along osmena blvd / jones avenue

fuente osmena rotunda

fuente osmena rotunda

fountain of youth (?)

fountain of youth (?)



I was still not tired, so out of boredom, I went to this landmark. 





The stroll ended at carbon market where I bought a kilo of rambutan and a bunch of bananas which I ate before I went to sleep.



I’m weird, yeah. 

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