Danasan Eco Adventure Park! (A story in pictures)

Summer is not yet over for us!



After more than two hours of ride from Cebu City, travelling a total of more than 70 kms, amidst the drawbacks, some people backing out on the last minute, some missed the first van, we arrived.



Talking in a public van as if we’re the only passengers. hahaha 

Note: The Ecopark has a shuttle service. Too bad we cannot catch it early because of our night shift buddy.



Registration. Signing of Waivers (a page-ful of it, which of course, no one read completely.)

First up: ATV Trailing

ATV Trailing

8893_10200391369005069_249786231_n 603168_10200391369405079_1952286208_n



Next : Wakeboarding!

This monster vehicle/tractor brought us to our next adventure.

This monster vehicle/tractor brought us to our next adventure.




After falling for an epic number of times, I just let myself be dragged. haha


at last! After swallowing a couple of muddy water 😀 , one good round!

Before the sun goes down, time to catch one last adventure! (and a quick snack!)





all geared up! 






The end of the tunnel. The explored part, that is.





Glad to come out with the sun still up. 

And that’s to wrap it up.

Muscles sore, bruised, dizzy, hungry, exhausted, sleepy, I went home satisfied despite the empty pockets!

It was sure worth it!


If you want to know more about Danasan EcoAdventure park, go their website.





Oh, they’ve got to treat me for this promotion! hahaha


(All pictures taken on June 1st. Credits to the owners for letting me grab it. )


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