My Name is a Four Letter Word

Here’s the boring short story of how I got my name.

In a country like the Philippines, being named “Dale” sounds foreign in some sense. It’s out of the usual Filipino sounding names such as Rogelio, Bruno, Magnifico, Juan, Miguel, etc.

My name’s a combo.  As my parent’s first born, my name was a combination of my mother and father’s name.

DAnilo + LEbita = DALE

Brilliant! Isn’t it?

Simple addition it is.


Not that we live in a valley (dale means valley, I googled it)….

Not because it’s my mother’s favorite actor or something…

Not because they just randomly looked it up on the Greatest Men of the Century List


Oh well, I’m just thankful my parent’s name sounds good when combined. Imagine if my mother and father were Connie and Dominic?


P.S. If I had the choice to name myself, it might be the infamous Harry. 😀

But I definitely feel Dale fits me well. Dave with an L, they say.




This post is in response to The Daily Post Challenge: Say Your Name



How about you? How did you get your name?






10 thoughts on “My Name is a Four Letter Word

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  2. Natawa ako sa 2nd paragraph na traditional Filipino names. 😀

    Ang unique ng name ng nanay mo ah! Lebita! I like!

    Ang alam ko lang, pinangalanan ako ng anti ko. Ayun. hehe. Wala ding History or whatevs. So ako nalang gumagawa ng History nya: “Named after St. Cecilia” Nyaha.

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