Trolling, Got Me Thinking






I woke up from an afternoon-dusk nap reading this text message. I was hungry…and puzzled. Who could possibly text me in this early hour!? Oh wait, its 8pm. Funny how I always woke up thinking it’s the morning when I slept late afternoon after work. In annoyance, and not to sound too defensive, I replied:

In as much as you do,

Trust me, I hate myself too.

But what caught me breathless was her (this time, I know it’s a girl) reply.

hahaha Hindi mo ba alam na si Alay ito? 

(hahaha Don’t you know this is Alay?)

Oh my! It’s my niece making fun of me! I got punked by an eleven year old! I thought it was my ex!

hahaha I was just riding the joke! 😀

I put my best ‘poker face’ on. On text, that is. But this 5th grader wont just end it all. Out of the blue, she replied:

If you life your heart

you wil never inlove.

That English! haha  Though grammatically wrong (and almost pointless), I came to ponder on how on earth did that occurred to her. What does she mean? What does she know about love anyway? Is she really my niece? Or just my ex pretending to be? How did she even get my number by the way?

To answer it all, I called. And called. And called. She’s not answering!  Maybe afraid I would recognize the voice?

Then, it came to me like lightning on a dark night. It’s my niece’s birthday! I almost forgot!  So that’s why. She’s asking for a gift. haha A gift huh? after all this trolling? haha But of course I will. Still.

Happy birthday Alay!


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