Y not I?


Feb 10 (2:30pm)

While waiting for the next shift’s endorsement…

Do you have an older brother?

I was asked straight-forwarded-ly by a female colleague. She is a new acquaintance at work. We are friends. We like to poke fun of each other. She is cool. And a little on the aggressive side as oppose to me.

I summoned a grin, feeling awkward about the sudden pop of silence on my part. I was puzzled.

“None.” I honestly replied. I should’ve stopped there. But my itching tongue wants to know why. And so I did.

Me: why?

Her: How about a younger brother?

Me: None. I only have a sister. I’m the eldest.

Her: …

Me: why?

Her: I was hoping you have a brother I could date this valentines. hahaha

Me: Aw!  -_- *very awkward*


I was asking myself: why not I? What is wrong with me anyway?

So, if she wants a brother of mine, does it mean, she wants someone as good looking with the same looks as I am, but a different person.  (?)

Am I friendzoned?


But that doesn’t hurt that much. I am not interested in her anyway. Really.



11 thoughts on “Y not I?

  1. Homaygaaad!!! you didn’t mention it last night!!? nak!!! June’s right, she WAS hitting on you.. 😉 she’s just not too blunt enough to actually ask you out, but if you did just ask her the “title” of this post, then VOILA!, you could’ve had a Valentine 🙂

    ayeee.. lumalablayp 😉

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