Two steps forward, One step backward

It’s Sinulog season once more. The 3rd Sunday of January has never been ordinary for me since I went to live in this city. All the celebrations weeks before leading to the grand mardi gras; the parties, the mall sales and events, the traffic, the food, the destinations, everything is just festive. Even I who is not a Roman Catholic is dragged by the celebration.

To give you a little background:

The term ‘Sinulog’ is derived from the Cebuano adverb ’sulog’ which means ’water current’. Folklore also says that these steps were the same ones used by Queen ‘Juana’, when she danced after receiving the image of the Sto. Niño as her baptismal gift. Another related story explain that she would occasionally dance up in joy around the community bringing about the image asking for graces such as rain, or the cure of a sick person. To this day, the two-steps forward, one-step backward movement all done to the sound of drums, is still used by Santo Niño devotees who believe that it was the Santo Niño’s prodding to have Baladhay dance in that manner as an expression of joy for being healed. (

This year would be differentI will be at work! While everyone is partying and the day is as festive and colorful; I will be wearing white here  at the hospital tendering care for my precious babies. 😀

It will be better! Instead of spending money for food, alcohol, or any leisure, I will just spend time with people who are in need of care. That means, no cut off on the budget and no extra after-party hangovers, or bellies!

Though I might miss the bonding with friends, I am now openly embracing the fact that the holidays are gone! It doesn’t matter if the calendar date is red, if we have a duty, we do. 😀

Oh well, I plan to catch up as soon as I get out from the PM shift (2-10pm). Eleven o’clock is still early right?

Too bad I can’t watch the street dancing and the celebrities who will be in it. tsk.

Happy fiesta Cebu!

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