You On a Monday Morning…


It has been awhile since I last dreamt of you

I wonder what brought me up again this instance

When love, hate, and longing is back,

Missing you now,

A lot.


In my dream…

I saw you with someone else,

Trudging the road where everybody else

All smiling and laughing, his arms on your shoulder

Kept you close to him,

I am in the background

Doesn’t matter.


Oh, how magnificent news could it be,

To hear you parted ways with him, permanently

The borrowed time we have together,

Could we make it last forever?


A big NO you would say,

That would never happen,

In my dismay

Your heart’s been broken by his arrogance

Can you let me fix it,

Give me the chance?


I will understand no matter how hurtful your decision may be,

For I know, A friend, that’s all you want me to be

But this poor fellow will always be here for you

Just turn around, remember

You can lean on me too.


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