This year, I will

Happy new year readers! 😀

Okay so this is officially my first post this year. Glad to know I survived the 12-21-12 apocalypse and that it was postponed for 3 months! I still have time until March. Good. 😉

I welcome you all with this post inspired from the Weekly Writing Challenge.

Tell us about the three things you’d most like to change about your life, and make a bold, I-don’t-care-who-knows-it-because-there’s-a-meteor-a-comin’ assertion to the world that you are going to get these changes made. And that you’ll have at least started making them happen by March. When, erm, you’re probably going to wind up as dust.

3 things? I only got one thing in my mind. Her. 

Seriously, here is my entry. This year, I will…

1. Improve my health habits. That means less from fatty foods (Oh, lesser of those pork fat, chicken skin, lechon, very yummy things), more vegies and fruits, less rice (this will be the hardest part), exercise more (oh I’m sorry, this one’s harder), and going to a scary dentist.

2. Juggle time more effectively. This one’s going to bring me to a more OCD side but time is what I can’t really handle that well. This means less procrastination, more action. With a blog, a new job and a lovelife that’s a flatline, how hard can it be?

3. Be a disciplined disciple. I’ve bought an Our Daily Bread book partnered with a bible, so there’s the start. I intend to read the bible more than I read Stephen King’s, Dan Brown’s and Dean Koontz’. I hope to grow more as a Christian. In case the end is really near, I’m assured of my afterlife. And other people’s afterlife too. 😀


That’s it. Quite easy eh?


6 thoughts on “This year, I will

  1. You made number 3 sound like your getting an insurance. 🙂
    But they’re all good. Perhaps the least I can do now is wish you Good Luck! 😉

      • Already! People need to have something to believe in, in order to get through with their lives. People who do have something to believe in most probably will succeed in their endeavors. 😉

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