Today is My Last Day

This has been my motto since the day I heard it mentioned by one of the guest preachers in church.

It has always been a reminder that each day is to be lived as it is my last. It’s supposed to boost your determination to pursue and make each day memorable. Finish all tasks at hand. Forgive before sunset. Make peace. Say sorry to those who’ve been hurt. Say ‘I love you’ to the ones who deserve.

Sadly, as the way New Year’s resolutions often get neglected, I did not lived up to my motto. Not that much.

Anyway, the reason why this is coming up is because I’m saying goodbye.

To the people who have pushed me to my limits.

To the ones who have let me experience new things.

To the ones who cared, supported, and kept my company.

To the ones whose thoughts and gratitude are pure.

Goodbye's are not forever.

They say Goodbye’s are not forever. ♪♫♪              (Photo from


Oh, cut the drama.

It’s just my last day of work!

I’m out as a company nurse.

I’ll just miss this company who has been my first job who has stopped me from asking money from my parents. I miss the people who have been my friends. The employees who have been patients. The canteen food. MY PC! (Oh, this is the last post I’ll be writing using this keyboard.) 😦

*a moment of silence*


On the other hand, I’m starting the orientation on Monday at a hospital. This is it! 😀

The big turn. I’m excited!


What’s the password? > TOCG: Letters

It seems I have just discovered this feature. And so I thought, why not give it a try? *evil laugh*

My latest update about the CG series have just been posted and it is padlocked! 😛

I promise to remove the padlock tomorrow but for eager beaver readers out there who can’t wait, here are your clues.

Let’s play a game. (in Saw’s voice)

You are now in a dilemma of waiting for the right time to read the post or just try decoding the password. Padlocking the post is a single letter, CG’s first name’s first, in small caps. Now, you have the option to try the 26 letters one by one until it unlocks. Or wait when the door’s open. It’s your choice.

*end of recording*



Lucky for Mommy of paintmeraw, she knows the answer. Go ask her.





That One Crazy Girl: Letters

It was a piece of paper folded twice. A clean white paper that dropped from the notebook. There was no name on it.

Okay, hold your knives! Don’t kill me yet! I am dumb and stupid. I know.  

I returned it to her the next day. She gave me an embarrassed look. But she smiled though. I smiled at her too.

“Hey, what’s in that letter?”

“Nothing. Just…uhm… nothing.” She seems uncomfortable with my confrontation so I dared not ask more.

Kill me now?! 


My senior year has been very busy. I was nominated and elected as the President of the Supreme Student Government. CG was my Vice-President external while Girl in Late Night Debate was Vice-President internal. The Triumvirate. haha

In my second try on representing my school at the press conference, I retained my spot as 6th in Feature writing category. Lucky again. So the principal decided to give it a try to send me to the regionals. It was held in Samar. Our neighbor province. Sadly, I never got a shot to grab a place for me to be in the nationals.

Sayang (alas!) , our school paper adviser told me.  We were asked to write a feature about the winning candidate for the pageant held that night. Too bad we were not informed about the interview given later after the pageant. Trust me, that was the worst article I wrote. I don’t even know the girl’s name! Imagine that? But still, I was laughing at how I made that piece. It was junk. The judges were surely frowning.


It came around March when we are all excited for our graduation. The final exam for the top students were given in advance. I just went to school for attendance. It was in those times I just slept around the corner of the classroom when B (my neighbor and childhood friend) gave me a letter.

(This is the one you’ve all been waiting for!) 😀

It was from CG. It was in a colored piece of paper. The one that has light colorful background you can buy from giftshops and bookstores. The one that has fragrance. The one with cute angels and icons and flowers around the side. How do you call it?

It was folded in a way I never thought there was a meaning. It was folded in such a way that you have to flip it three times to open it. 1.2.3.

There in that letter, were grammatical errors.  was CG’s confession. That she has a big crush on me since our first year in high school. That she actually is madly addicted to me. That she is crazy.  That she loves me.

(that’s what all you want to hear right?)

I was dumbfounded. It was like a dream I don’t want to believe at all. Too perfect. Or tragic. We only have few days before we part ways.

That night, I haven’t slept. I told lies to Mother that I have a project to finish.

To write a response.


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