Gracious in Defeat

Just as shocked as everybody is, I was saddened by Pacquiao’s loss. It was a knockout punch. Plain and clear: Marquez won.

I am a Filipino and it is in my blood the burning fervor of support to a fellow bringing our country’s name. However, what is really worse than the loss is the flock of animals people mocking, insulting, and bashing Pacman. These same people who boastfully posts the “We are very proud of you” lines are now throwing daggers of burning salt to the already wounded hero. Just uurrrgh. *facepalm*

Then there’s the blame game. Pointing out Pacquiao’s change of religion. The absence of the rosary and the sign of the cross during the fight. Seriously? Hasn’t anyone noticed how Pacquiao’s life has dramatically changed since the shift of religion? Giving up the vices (gambling and alleged womanizing), studying the Bible, leaning more into helping others, sharing his blessings, glorifying God?

I am not against any religion or anything. It’s just that it dismays me how much R-E-S-P-E-C-T is forgotten. Come on! You should have learned that already. It is not that he’s a criminal or he did something bad, he is a human being. Even animals like some of you need to be respected.

I have so much admiration to such a strong warrior as Manny. No more back slinging of any issues. Just humbly honoring the winner, accepting the loss, being gracious in defeat.

Very well said.

Very well said. I pretty much agree to this.

’nuff said.

Boxing is a sport.

Sometimes you win.

Sometimes you lose.

Sometimes when we touch. ♪♫♪

Sometimes love just ain’t enough. ♪♫♪