I was awakened by the ringing of my cellphone.


Me: Hello?! who could be calling me in the middle of the night?

Sam: Hi RD! How are you?

Me: Oh please. It’s 1 am. I’m fine. Why you called?

Sam: Nothing. Just wanted to ask you about something. When would you go home to Leyte?

Me: So that’s it? You woke me up in the middle of my sleep just to ask me that question? This wednesday night. How about you?

Sam: Maybe this wednesday too!

Me: Want to go together? (A wide smile is lighting my face)

The line was cut. I was not able to hear her answer. I checked my phone. There was no call received. It was just a dream.

It’s 1:43 am. I went back to sleep smiling.


This morning, I kept thinking how I ended up dreaming of Sam calling me in the middle of the night. They say dreams are rooted to some ignored yet significant part of the subconscious. So, was I secretly wanting it to happen? Nah.

Maybe it was just because of the post I read from Zezil that gave me laughs. Or maybe I really longed for that call?

One thing’s for sure: I’m dreaming. Of her. Again. -_-

It’s one of those dreams that I never forget. Vivid and alive.

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