Just a Candle


I don’t know if I would be happy

Just to be picked up when there’s no electricity

No other source of light

When it’s dark, in the night.


Don’t I deserve to be with you when you’re happy?

When you are at your best, in utter joy and glee

Don’t I deserve the same feeling?

Not to be left out like this

Doing nothing


I know I let myself to be like this

Just a candle you can find as you please

At least, while you’re down

I can help erase that frown


I should just be contented this way, maybe

Someday I’ll be at your altar, standing idly

When my wax is over and too small

It might be over for us, after all

I’m just a candle.


I am limited

my time is numbered

But don’t be sad

I’ll be glad

To see you smiling

Despite the problems

you are facing.

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