That One Crazy Girl: Stolen

CG is single again. So now, what?

I didn’t care. Really, the distance I had set when she was with that guy was comfortable. I was leaning to other girls around. Some are sensible, some can be good friends, but never a girlfriend material. Besides, I promised myself to focus on my studies.

Was I hurt? Yes. Β As bitter as a Bitter Gourd. but at least it can still be swallowed. And nutritious too. πŸ™‚

Another seminar workshop on campus writing was organized. This time, I enjoyed a lot. We were to stay at school for 3 days. Sleep there, that is. A training camp. Of course, girls were separated from the boys. Β It was really intensive than the last one we had. Our school is becoming serious about the school paper.

A pool of young campus journalists were selected. I, despite being a Junior, was chosen to be the editor in-chief! haha It was just that maybe because of the article I wrote entitled “Be Proud to be a Muerteguinian” during the Feature writing workshop.

This might explain why I enjoy blogging. I was sent to represent as feature writer in the division secondary school’s press conference (DSSPC) and luckily raked in 6th place, earning a name for myself. (You’re right, I’m a bit boastful). And the winning piece? I’ve got to find my copy. It was about ‘family’. Thinking of it now, it might be a good blogpost.

Or not.


Meanwhile, in school… ( narrator from a movie, eh?)

…CG was on top of her class; in section B that is.

…girl from Late Night debate was in tight competition with CG; for second place. (I was top 1, remember?) haha

…it was CG vs. Late Night debate girl…academic type of competition. Purely academic. Really, there’s nothing personal. But they’re not in the same circle of friends. Tension? I’m not sure.


Does anyone still remember the stolen pic?

One afternoon, as I was walking home, I don’t know why I went home late that time, I bumped into CG’s fellow working student. They live in the same room and she told me something…disturbing.

That there was a picture of me under CG’s pillow…

That another one was on the altar…

That she has black candles lit sometimes…

Whispering chants I don’t know where she got…

That she is, a lunatic.


I don’t know if that was all true. Or was it just an exaggeration. What i’m certain is, I’m not definitely eating or drinking anything in school. Who knows it contains a potion? A love potion? A spell? Should I let my friend take a sip before I drink anything?

Cut it. I’m just creep-ed out.


One weekend, CG borrowed my notes, wanting to copy that recipe we need to cook in Home economics. We were neighbors then so she went our house, disturbing my sleep in the sofa.

When she returned my notebook, something dropped out of it.

A letter.

9 thoughts on “That One Crazy Girl: Stolen

  1. Hahaha. Watch Dressed to Kill by NewfoundGlory, prang kayo yung nandun sa video. πŸ™‚

    Hayayayay, asan na ang liham??? dali na ng mapagpyestahan na namin. :b

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