I dare me!

“You have to earn it.”

I don’t know if this sounds silly but I find it hard to spend the money I’m earning. I feel guilty on spending it too much for things that I want— those I don’t essentially need for survival.

Last week, I couldn’t get any reception on my TV (handed over by my aunt). The DVD player just wont work too.  I’m living alone in the room with no other source of entertainment but the TV. I wanted to buy a new one. It is a big deal for me. I debated over myself.

Would it be a wise decision? Is it worth it? Do I really need it? What if I don’t buy it? Can I thrive without it?

To save myself from thinking too much, I tossed a coin. Ever familiar with the lines: “Toss a coin if you are in doubt. You’ll know what’s in your heart while the coin is in the air.”

It failed me. I still don’t have a firm decision. So I continued tossing coins and decided to make it a match.

Heads=I’m buying it. Tails=Not buying it. So to extend the thrill, first to make 10 points wins.

After 10 tosses, it was still a tie. 5-5. Even the coin was confused. The next three tosses were consecutive heads. 8-5 in favor of buying it! The next toss was a tail. 8-6. This must be really nerve-wracking. And another head. 9-6. Only 1 more toss to go for heads to win!

But tails just wont give up that easily. Another tail. 9-7. It feels like I’m in a basketball finals.

Then, the 17th toss closed the game. Heads win! I’m going to buy a DVD player. So off I went, got my money, and walked towards a store.

The store was 2 miles away. I figured I have to walk to allow myself to think it more thoroughly. I still have doubts about the coin toss results. The kind of doubt a politician has when he losses.

I didn’t have any source of passive entertainment now so it may also be to kill the time. Reading a book would tire my eyes and brain. I felt silly because I could have just simply took a 10-minute jeepney ride to get there.

After 40 minutes, I reached Lapu-Lapu city’s church and decided to rest at the park nearby. The store was just around the corner.  That’s where I thought of a dare. A compromise to feed my disturbed conscience.

I will buy the DVD player if I lost 5 pounds.

I decided I better not put a time frame as to when should I achieve that. Just when the goal is reached, I’ll buy it. If not until eternity, then it’s goodbye for a DVD.

By the way, I have about 3 sets of DVD’s on hand waiting. This challenge would be of dual purpose: I will be watching House (the doctor) with a lesser belly.

Tough motivation. 😀

Will I make it? Do I have enough willpower for that DVD player?

Place you bets.

(in the comment section)



I’m silly. I know.

One thought on “I dare me!

  1. It’s achievable! You can hit two birds with one stone. Lose weight and own a DVD player. Watching too much TV makes you gain weight so it’s better to lose some for now. 🙂

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