The Way My Hair is Parted

Hair parting says something about who you are.

I have stared long time at the mirror yesterday when a thought came to my mind. Another silly one actually. How would I look if I part my hair to the right?

I have observed that majority of the Filipino male celebrities have parted theirs to the right. So, like a student looking for answers to absurd questions, I went googling and stumbled this study.

So, yeah! There was actually a research about this! Good to know I’m not the only one with silly ideas like this.

Being interested in anything psychological and meaningful in nature, I got curious. Here’s what I found out.

I part my hair to the left. During high school, I don’t have to part as I always keep it short enough to just dangle on my forehead. As I got to see myself in the mirror more often (that is, during college) I started parting my hair to the left.

Basically, I do agree with the assumption that those who part their hair to the left love logic, math, language, memories of words, and reason because their left brain hemisphere is more dominant. As oppose to those ‘right-minded’ people, I am not good at arts, visual processing, memories of pictures, and music.

So to name a few, here are my examples.

See the difference there? Nerd: left. Hero: right

They have good reputations with women. 😉 (Photo from Brod Pete Facebook account)


All right! What’s with him? Angst.

Our National Hero parted his hair to the right. Take note.

Marcos the Dictator. Is that neutral? or to the left?

Ninoy Aquino. To the left. Almost the same as mine?






























How about you? Which way do you part your hair?


Photo credits to google. All pictures are not mine.

For the whole text of the research, click here.

7 thoughts on “The Way My Hair is Parted

  1. I can’t quite remember how I part my hair most of the time. But I do decide to part my hair depending on the activity that I’m going to embark on a day. If I’m going to ride the car, I don’t worry about it. if I’m going to commute, I’ll make sure that how I part my hair will not go against the wind where I position my self in the vehicle. I try all sorts of parting that’s why I can’t label my self on any of the given options. I know I’m confusing but I’ll take that rather as unique.

    Interesting post.

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