Where is the head?

She wont make it that far. The rest room was on the other end of the mall. There was no way she’s going to run the length of a mile. She has another option: to go into that scary comfort room.

As far as the gossips have gone around, there seems to be evil lurking in the room. It was supposedly for comfort or rest as the name suggests, but it does the exact opposite. Most of the girls who came in there (its a ladies CR by the way) either left out screaming, or learned their lesson: never to return again.

There she was bravely entering the ominous room.

She could not much believe how the rumors have started. When she was in there, she hurriedly went to one of the cubicles and pissed.

She never felt anything. She shrugged the stories passed around. Maybe the janitor just don’t want people to go in there so it will be clean. She decided to retouch her make-up.

The room is exquisitely clean, she noticed. To think it was open for the general public. She opened her bag and brought out a blush on.

While she was applying  the blush on, she noticed something on the mirror.

There was a black body walking behind her. Without a head. The stories are true!

She closed her eyes and started whispering “Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you… …blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.”

She felt calm so she opened her eyes. Only to see a bloody head reciting “Holy Mary mother of God, ….”  right in front of her face, mocking her.

All she could do was scream. She passed out.

Happy Halloween!

Photo from: http://www.scaryforkids.com/scary-movies/


This was told to me by a friend as one of her acquaintances have experienced in a rest room in a famous mall.

They said evil spirits are immune to memorized prayers. I wonder where they get the immunity: the insincerity of the prayer or the weakness of faith. I guess it’s both.


7 thoughts on “Where is the head?

  1. nice one…love this line ” I wonder where they get the immunity: the insincerity of the prayer or the weakness of faith. I guess it’s both.” 🙂

  2. ahhhh i dont like this post….. sobra akong matatakutin. and I dont like the photo as in nagulantang ako!!! hahahaha 🙂 hindi ko na sya binasa ha,nag comment na lang ako sa takot.
    happy halloween!

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