Reached my fave fast food

Got my usual meal on hold

Waited for 15 minutes

Sat by the counter, cold.


A man passed by

A woman following him

He doesn’t seem to bother

She was walking fast, following


A father clutching his kid

Dozing on his shoulder

A pregnant woman and her husband

Holding hands, walking in laughter


Two teenage boys overflowing with angst walked by

One with a cap inverted back

The other with hair neatly up,

Both eyeing on a crack.


Two teens eating an ice cream

Girl licking what’s melting

Guy carrying her handbag

A saleslady laying choices for a ring


A transvestite gay  sitting by the bench

Near the entrance waiting for someone

Cried out, called “baby, come to mommy

I ignored,  it was none.


I returned back to my room

Ate my food to go

Feeling less alone here

Be in my own world

I wanted to.

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