The Curse of the Blank Stare


Daydreaming is my hobby

In a bus, in a van, in a jeepney

I just stare blankly

Thinking of millions of things that come quickly

I never knew this would get me into tragedy.


I am quite a thinker. I think a lot of things. In unexpected times, in unexpected places. This time, during a jeepney ride…

I was thinking of things to do this 2 long weekends. I was thinking of the things to do in my mini-vacation, what to do this Halloween, my next blog post, my ex my present my future,  her, how much money is left in my ATM, my career paths, the dirty clothes in my hamper, what DVD to buy, when my unlitxt would expire, what to eat for dinner… All the while blankly staring nowhere.

Only to find out that nowhere=the woman across my seat. She gave me that look. Anger? Shame? Bewilderment? It’s a burst of emotions. She was thinking I was staring at her body. She’s slim. Yeah, I admit she has a good body. But NO! I was not fantasizing at her bee sting boobs!

She slapped me.   Only with that look.


Pft! >.<  What a shame. I’m in my white uniform.

I shifted my gaze to the busy street. I did not bother to say sorry. It only adds to my guilt. I did not bother explain either. It might only make a scene. The next five minutes of riding the jeepney was a torture.


Lesson Learned: Mind your own daydreaming! 😀 Be watchful of your actions. You may never know how other people perceive them.

4 thoughts on “The Curse of the Blank Stare

  1. another lesson learned: Wag kase kung saan-saan tumitingin kapag ngdadaydream… hahaha

    – i remember one time- same scenario happened to me. I was at work by then and I was staying at the pantry. One of my co-workmates (male) was standing infront of me. It was not my intention to really look at the fly of his pants- I was just thinking…thinking of so many things like the way you did about how much money left on my wallet, what will i buy for lunch sorts of things like that and found myself looking at that direction… lol- promise it was not really my intention.:) It just so happened. Its really a shame!
    could they blame us for that? 🙂

  2. Madalas kong gawin yan. Ang mag-day dream kahit saan. Parehas tayo Bro. One time, nangyari rin sa akin yan. Akala naman niya sa legs niya ko nakatingin.. after kong makita na nakatingin na pala siya sa akin. Natulog ako. Pinilit pumikit. Hahaha! Awkward =P

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