We are what we say

We are what we say.

Or at least half of it. 🙂

When I got freshly pressed (I still can’t get over it) with my futuristic post entitled “To My Son, An Open Letter”, I received tons of positive feedback. I myself was mesmerized as to how a lot of people have actually appreciated that piece of work. Honestly, that post was not my all-time favorite (at that time). I thought it was good but definitely never realized it was way that good. You see, I expected to have some more negative comments.

I have always felt I am over-appreciated; treated special in some way. Being the teacher’s pet, the “Mr. President”, the guy who can’t say NO, very easy to convince (but never bullied), because I am too fragile and complicated to mess up with. They’ll get into trouble for having a lot of enemies. I am always with the majority. Going with the flow. Not the one who leads, but yeah, the leader. Did I make sense? Cause I often not.

Some say my writing style is not the one they expect from a physically tall young man. It’s too melodramatic. Not the hard-core blow-by-blow type. It lacked angst. That’s what I heard.

Going back to the very reason why I wrote this post, I was ambivalent at this one comment:

I could have ranted a blog-long comment, insulted or merely deleted or unapproved the comment. But NO. Out of the blue, I just replied :

We are what we say. 😉

I guess my days at the psychiatric institution have really paid off. The experience in handling troubled/troublesome individuals was a big help.

A friend of mine who also noticed the annoying comment even praised me for my reply. haha 😀

So, that’s why I was writing this. You see, the words that come out of us speaks of who we are inside. Someone, complaining about how lazy that co-employee of theirs, might be in some degree (or time) be lazy too.

The people who can’t see the beauty of other creation are either blinded by their own prejudices or blinded by their own egoistic self.

“The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” –Dorothy Nevill

So, speak kind words, choose them carefully, and sometimes…learn to keep you mouth shut!

That sums it all.


We are what we say.

So, if I say, my followers are good-looking, that should mean I am too, right? 😀


15 thoughts on “We are what we say

  1. ibig lang sabihin n’yan, sikat ka na, may hater(s) ka na eh hehe…paborito tirahin ng mga troll ang mga sikat, just ignore them 😀 expect more to come habang lalo ka nakikilala sa blogosphere

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