VanTravel Musings: Treasure Chests

Now I know where the phrase Treasure Chests came from.

Riding the van way back home has been my routine every sunday. Funny how the silence and the awkward giggles of the couples behind me stimulated my mind to think: why do pirates put their treasures in a chest? Why not in a bag? Oh, you probably wondered how the giggles of the couple and treasures chest are related. The thing is, I don’t know too. I’m autistic, maybe. 😀

Or maybe just melancholic, a thinker.

Anyway, I tried to find the right reason; trying to stop myself from saying my thoughts out loud;Or even ask a stranger seatmate. I almost thought of that. I would have looked weirder as I already am.

After staring blankly at the window car for almost half an hour, it hit me. Maybe the reason why the phrase treasure chest was conceived is because true treasure, can only be found in our chests. Yes, in our chests– the boobs  heart. 😉


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The true treasures are those priceless things that can only be found in our hearts.

4 thoughts on “VanTravel Musings: Treasure Chests

  1. Ahahaha. Nakakatuwa naman ang iyong train of thought. :b Parang napipicture ko na ngumingisi ngisi kapa habang nagiisip. 🙂

    (Sa FX kanina, nag play yung pusong bato, tapos, hulaan mo kung kaninong pangalan yung nag pop sa isip ko, nagbiblink pa

    REAL (blink*) DALE (blink*) Lol.

    (Asan na yung kapitbahay mo? :D)

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