A Long Day, Fate Winks

Yesterday has been a long day. I requested for a leave to accomplish a lot of personal priorities at hand: pre-employment screening examination [my boss have no idea I am nearly resigning] and the tiresome search for the next boarding house/room to rent.

I believe destiny has its own way of bringing you to the path where you are.   However, it is still governed by our choices, our free will.

The paragraph above is random. 😀 It shows how scattered my mind is right now. This is a long post. I’m warning you.

  • RN HEALS exam

It was all nostalgic having to take an exam again. It has been more than a year since I took the nurse’s licensure exam. I did brought my nursing reviewer with me but just used it as a sleeping pill. It is very effective. My theory of diffusion, transfer of elements from a higher concentration [reviewer] to an area of lower concentration [my brain], is what I held on to finish that 100-item all-subjects-in test. 😀

I expected to see familiar faces but didn’t expect to see a classmate and  friend. We agreed in our cheating  seating arrangement. We chose the very front row. But then, we were shuffled. Column 4 exchange with column 4 on the left wing.  I don’t mind being transferred at all. Until the time when my seatmate has a bad breath — halitosis. To top it, the fan is directly driving the smell to my nose. aaargh! He won’t shut his mouth up.

On the bright side, it motivated me to hurry up answering or die sniffing the aroma!

  • Writer Wanna-be 


Later that afternoon, I got scheduled for another exam and interview. I t is for the content writer position. I was not really a hundred percent on this one but thought why not give it a try?  So I prepared a special resume on the cheapest internet cafe I happen to discover: 12 pesos an hour, 2 pesos per page printing. The shop proved it’s money’s worth. The air-conditioning was busted. The nagging part was that the printer consumed 15 minutes to print my two page document! What a hassle!

I thought: maybe I am not really fated to be at the job.

The whole exam lasted for an hour. The first part was a grammar and spelling test. The second was the real test of skill. I was to write a four hundred word article about a ‘good Michigan dentist’.

I went blank for ten minutes or so ; couldn’t think of any idea. No bulb was lighting beside my head. So I looked around and realized you can’t really judge a book by its own cover. Some writers in the room are not what I expected a writer usually looks like. There’s a very sophisticated girl with all the make up and overflowing gorgeousness, a man in a leather jacket looking like a bully, a guy who wore all dark clothes looking like an ’emo’. They’re not my typical image of a writer I have in mind: someone with glasses, brainy-looking, and formal.

I finished my article passively. I did not felt good about it. It was hurried, forced. The words didn’t come naturally. One lesson I found out: I can’t write without an inspiration, something that’s not coming from deep inside is usually rubbish.

  • Searching for a New Home

My sister had already her preferred room to rent. I, being an older brother, should approve it, our mother suggested. So as to go into a sound decision, I suggested we look for other possible options.

Our criteria for a room was: good for two people with a space for a visitor, allows male and female, doesn’t have curfew, allows cooking in a rice cooker, 3 thousand pesos below, safe, can wash clothes, free water and electricity, good-natured landlady/landlord.

We consumed more than an hour roaming around the streets near my sister’s school until we finally decided to go back to the one my sister was already eyeing for. No one beat that room.

Here comes the fate wink. As we reached the house, the landlord was out for some chore. Only the owner’s nephew was there vacating the room we are planning to rent. It turned out he was also a nurse. Same school, just a year ahead of me. A familiar face. Just as we are about to leave, the landlord arrived to meet us. Another fate wink. The last wink was when we entered the house, my sister’s favorite song as of the moment [she has this LSS on this one]  Ehu Girl by Kolohe Kai was on the radio. That, sealed the deal.

The room was fitting. It’s just next to the our school and hospital. The landlord seems nice. The room is cool [temperature wise]. All the criteria was met. Case closed.


Just as we were on a jeepney going to our aunt’s house [where my sister is currently staying], fate has not given up winks yet. Our cousin’s boyfriend of two years climbed in our jeep bringing this big plank of wood wrapped in brown paper. Then it clicked, it’s their anniversary! He’s bringing up a surprise gift — a cute caricature of our cousin [also a nurse] in pastel in a large elegant frame.  This wrapped the whole day’s winks.


I am not really fond of relying on signs [except clinical] but there just comes a time when there is too much of coincidence going on. I can’t help but notice it.


P.S. This post may have lots of grammar issues. It just explains how tired I am. Really exhausted. Forgive me.

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