Overjoyed, Overwhelmed


A cake, a surprise gift. I don’t usually log in to my WordPress account [or even use the internet] on weekends. You see, I’m only using our company’s computer during working days. [Please don’t tell my boss!] I don’t have my own laptop yet. Can’t afford it, poor me.

Monday came and I dragged myself again to work facing a new week. Monday blues, I expected. However this Monday turned out to be brightly colorful. I swear I saw a rainbow. My notification box was flooded!

It has just been two months to date. It’s my second monthsary here in the blogosphere. And things are way better than I thought. What a sweet surprise! My entry to the weekly writing challenge was freshly pressed.

At first, I don’t really know what’s the difference of being freshly pressed as I have been seeing my posts [sometimes] appearing on the top posts. That is, in Filipino interface I am always using.

Luckily, this virtual friend  Zezil  [we are friends, right? virtually?] told me and patiently instructed how to view it. I have not been exploring that corner of the dashboard yet. It answered my question as to how all these bloggers were directed to my dark page. My post was in the Dreams category. It was indeed a dream of a dreamer.

Overwhelmed. I peeked at my stats and boom! all my previous days are flattened as if run over by a ten-wheeler truck.

A proud dad I am. Boastful? Come on, give me the chance. This is a once in a lifetime moment. 😀

To some haters, (well there is one hate comment you can scroll) my stats will tell you. Just consider the Oct. 15 date as the middle finger. Get it? 😛

Pressured. I have some fear of not meeting the expectations of those who followed my blog. I am writing in the Filipino language sometimes and this would force  keep me reminded that I should do an English post sometimes. To all those who followed my blog, unfollow me while you still have time! haha Don’t worry I won’t be saddened by that. I am used to it on twitter. But if you insist, I wont mind you taking the risk. 😉

A million thanks to all of you fellow bloggers and readers! 


My two-month old baby blog is now learning to lift its head. No more head lag but still have a long way to go. I don’t know if I could be a good father to him, but I’ll try to feed him. Right now, I’m just proud of what he has become; still humble enough of what meager thoughts I can offer him.



I know a lot of good writers, better than me, doing their own thing. Being freshly pressed is not what matters. It’s the readers you inspire, the thoughts you invoke, and the lessons, experience, and emotions you share.


To the new followers:

This is how scattered my thoughts are, you still want to follow me? 😀

16 thoughts on “Overjoyed, Overwhelmed

  1. Sentence #3: Classic. During work!

    Very interesting & congratulations on the high stats!

    I’m somewhat new to this & working on getting some readers…it would be great if you could “Like” my page https://www.facebook.com/MissCaliBayArea & follow my blog…I’m on a quest to promote positivity.

    P.S. I think it’s good that you don’t use your computer on weekends…I try not to either, and it’s like a breath of fresh air.

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