That One Crazy Girl: Sophie Jealousy ?

This is Part 3 of That One Crazy Girl Series. In case you want to back read. Click for Part 1 here. and Part 2 here.


We were classmates again. The seat plan was alphabetical with all the boys occupying the front seats [so as to tame the noisy and naughty]. She’s at the back as always. I can’t even see her in the corner of my eyes. Turning would be so obvious.

The school paper was planned to be re established. Our class adviser was on it. It was difficult to carry out. Only few students were interested about it. The publication lacked the support of the parents. There were no trainings provided yet. Writer’s were only pulled out from the best in english classes.

I wondered why I was chosen. Basically, math is my forte that time. I nibbled all those algebra. So not to brag more, I even got a grade of 98 in one of the grading periods! That was my best!

A short training course in writing was provided for the ‘chosen ones’. [Unfortunately, CG (Crazy Girl) was  not among the few.]  It was so short I didn’t really remembered anything. Nevertheless, the paper was published. It was a newsletter and the school is required to send delegates to the Division Secondary Schools’ Press Conference. Being a newbie, I was not chosen. I filled in the position of a contributor of the paper.

Unfortunately [or fortunately], one delegate backed out for the trip. And yeah, I was pulled in. Maybe for the reason that I am the most easily contacted because my parents are a friend of our school paper adviser. That was a one day decision. I was not at all prepared. It is my first out of school competition.

The trip was a total of 8 hour bus ride. I thought I would die vomiting the whole time. As we reached our assigned quarters (a classroom actually), we found it locked from the outside. Two students were in the room. They have the key. They looked like princesses trapped in a tower and I am the mighty prince who’ll save them. 😀 I have to commend their teacher witch for  imprisoning them.

You know what’s wrong with being a teenager? You get attracted easily.

One of the two girls looked chinese or japanese. I cannot distinguish. They were actually very welcoming. They introduced themselves with wide smiles. Told us where the comfort rooms and all the beddings they prepared. Her name  sounds like a character from Tekken — Xiao Yu. I doubt it was her real name. Anyway, it suits her. I think.

photo from

After we were settled. I found her sitting by outside. We sat in silence. No talking. Stealing glances. I find it guilty to be looking at another girl. To be in complete dissociation because I’m in a new place. No one knows me and their knowledge on me depends on how I act here. I found myself relieved from the smell and taste of bile still in my mouth.

A long pause. Then, the other girl interrupted, “Aren’t you two gonna talk?”.  Boom! That was an ice breaker. I glanced at her looking more and more embarrassed by the minute. The f*ck fact is, I’m lost for words. Torpe, the other girl whispered.

Our male teacher came bringing toothpaste and candies. He saw me sitting outside a meter away from Xiao, also in a chair, just staring in the vast field with budding writers strolling. My teacher smiled teasingly. Then he said, “I’ll tell CG about this.” Then he burst out laughing.

Xiao and her friend left. She said they don’t have any obligations with us. That, was the first and last time I saw her.


I was back to school the week after the presscon. I had a lot of stories to tell but only two buddies of mine seem interested to listen. I don’t know if they really are, they don’t even ask any questions.

I saw CG with that Junior guy together after a few days. Few days I’m gone and she is with him already. She seem happy. I guess I should be happy too. I know the Junior, he is a good guy. I am relieved by that.

I don’t know if our male teacher mentioned Xiao Yu to CG.


The days passed by, Christmas came, the School Anniversary was celebrated, we had our vacation, valentines day came [she got gifts from the junior], then it’s March. I don’t really remember that much except I got the top spot again. [boasting again here :D]


That summer was another routine. I planned to go to a youth camp organized by the church. Not until May, I saw CG passing by our house. I called her out, wondering what is she doing here? Her reply struck me.

“Hello neighbor!”



15 thoughts on “That One Crazy Girl: Sophie Jealousy ?

  1. Hanep ka talaga kung maka-bitin!
    At nagka-fling kapa ha! haha. You already!
    But it only gets more exciting from this point. 🙂 Hihihihi. Will patiently wait for part 4!
    Btw, did not get the number of the Chinese Girl?

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