Infinite: The Perks of Being a Wallflower


To “Sam”,  here are my thoughts.

As  [demanded]  requested. 😉


The Story:

The book is a compilation of letters a teen named Charlie (not his real name) sends to an anonymous friend as a sort of diary. The story tackles Charlie’s involvement in sex and drugs, his struggle in school,  his family relationship, and with himself.

             I like how crudely the author have touched the ominous topic of sex, drugs, homosexuality and abuse. It has followed how teens are exposed and confused with their lives.  Movie goers should focus on the witty lines and interesting twists they shouldn’t miss.

Good Points:

The perks of this book is its being realistic, no holds barred, vulgar but informative, compassionate, and delicate way of painting the picture of teenage life —the peer pressures, the innocence, the struggle to fit in. I also liked how the book mentioned a lot of good to read classic novels.

Movie Adaptation:
             Since the Author of the book Stephen Chbosky was also the Director of the movie, I find it nicely done. Though the author has left many scenes to be just in the book, he also satisfies the viewers with the hightlights [the tunnel trip, the hilarious rocky horror show, the party, the thing with Aunt Helen]. The whole ‘meat’ of the story is well done –like a roasted chicken without the bloody meat in the core. The casting was fitting — just as I imagined Charlie would look like. Emma Watson exhibits a different role being Sam, as opposed to being Hermoine. It’s fresh and just adorable.
Quotable Quotes:

One of the thought provoking quotes from the book, it hits you just right and leaves you thinking to yourself whispering “yeah, right”.

              Some individuals are just as happy to be loved half-heartedly. Some demands for more. Some are just contented for it to be one-sided. Some are just as happy as they are treated, though for somebody’s point of view, they deserve more. The fact is, it’s on the question of self-worth. How much do you see yourself? How you think you should be treated is a reflection of how much price you tag yourself with.
             It’s not bad or anything, it’s just the way it is.  People often choose to accept the love they think they deserve, neglecting the fact that they are very worthy of such overpowering love.   Much more from the source of all love –God. Some fail to receive that precious  gift.  Open your eyes  heart. Be enlightened.
Here’s another quote from the book:

Bullseye! eh?

Not-So-Good Points:
                  What I find hard when reading this book was the mysterious gaps the author leaves you with. It keeps you wondering as to what happened and forces you to analyze Charlie’s statements. [Maybe that means I’m not smart enough to read between the lines. haha 😀 ] And maybe that’s what also gives the book a taste of mystery, deliciously dark.


Life is not a puzzle to be solved, but a game to be played. Be who you are, not just for any other people but for yourself. Be a wallflower— see things, understand, and keep quiet. Know that every individual has his own story and you can never blame them, it’s their choice.
“… even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there.” (The Perks…)
Please do ‘participate’ in life. Make sure that at some point, strive to exist. Find purpose. Chase happiness. Be infinite.  
Personal Rating (from a novice):
             Book: 9.2/10
             Movie: 8.8/10

14 thoughts on “Infinite: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

  1. Knowing nothing of the book or the film was interested by what you had to say which seemed worthwhile and insightful but was slightly bemused by the unconventional format of the review. Not sure if this was deliberate but it reminded me of the structure a kid might use for a school assignment, which in this context I guess is kind of clever.

  2. Haven’t had the chance to read this (not even a copy) and I can’t own a copy right now either, considering how many books I have in my shelves that I have yet to read. Maybe I’ll get a chance to watch the movie then, but I’ll wait till it hits the video stores, as always 🙂

      • I won’t mind if it’s a thicker book. I read thick books. I kind of write long paragraphs myself when I write. Meanwhile, when there are different versions of things (book vs. movie), I try to see the difference. I’m a bit disappointed that some film producers often change classic literature. Like The Little Mermaid not sacrificing herself in the end and she even bore a child! Now all the kids of this generation will think that’s the “real” story.

        Out of curiosity, do we know each other?

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