That One Crazy Girl: First Year High

The days swept by so quickly and then it’s June. Start of classes. Welcome to high school! Playground no more. This is now a ‘campus’. A place to study… and be studied.

I came to school very early, wanting to start on the right foot. I believe in that line: “Better never late” more than it’s counterpart: “Better late than never“. The flag ceremony is at 7:15. It’s 6:30. Even the gates have just been opened. I didn’t struggle to find my classroom as there were only 10 classrooms and the school’s landscape is simple.

Left-half of the campus

The Right half. Our classroom was the one bearing the name of the school.

Only few students have arrived. I wondered if The Girl [Read:] has arrived.

When I reached our classroom, there were just a few of my previous classmates in elementary—my guy buddy, a childhood friend and neighbor [girl], and someone from the other school. Even our class adviser hasn’t arrived. So, we were just standing outside. All a little bit nervous. Still observing. Familiarizing faces. Looking at things going on.

All our other classmates came. The class is clearly divided, with previous classmates sticking up to each other. My ‘apple of the eye’ isn’t here yet. It’s almost 7:15. She’s late. pft! >.< What a turn off.

The school bell rang and all 400+ students arranged in lines on the school ground for the flag ceremony. After the daily ritual, the principal welcoming the new students, giving a short message and teaching us discipline, especially the late comers, we all went to our room.

The seating arrangement was very typical. All the serious students are either on the first row or on the center aisle. The mischievous and cocky ones are usually on the back and the sides. I’m at the second row next to the center aisle. So, I had a good view during the “introduce yourself” part.

That’s when I realized there are quite a few charming girls in our class. One that really stood out was a transferee from the city, getting scores on my checklist [also fair-white skin with long even shinier hair], her favorite subject was English [I wondered if that was just because this was English class]. I also found out she was a niece of one of our high school teachers; she is smart [on first impression]; in her 5 minute bout to introduce herself, she was the one who was organized and relaxed, oozing with confidence— a beauty queen in the making.

The girl I have met around The Corner was plain and simple. With a voice so soft and high-pitched, she sounded like…[it’s hard to say this but yeah]…an angel. The shy-type, demure and modest girl she displayed have caught my attention.   And most guys too. [I think]

When it was my turn to introduce myself. I just went on with what most did.

“Good morning everyone. My name is Dale Castellano from Daja Elementary School. I am 12 years old.”

No mentioning of my motto in life, favorite subject, or parents’ name [except if asked]. I don’t want to draw any attention, much that I do not even want to stand out and get noticed. But I want good grades. I wanted to prove that in fact me being first honors in elementary wasn’t just because my mother is a teacher.

Next comes the election of class officers. The valedictorian from another barangay’s school was elected president. Being friendly and wearing that aura of intelligence and authority, plus the fact that he is gay, he was chosen by the majority.  I was chosen as the Vice president. With 1/3 of the class being my classmates in elementary, and the few boys who also were on my side. The confident girl transferee was unanimously chosen as the muse. My crazy girl was unexpectedly placed Sgt. at Arms. What an irony! [She’s even bullied!] I also found out she was second in her class in another barangay’s school.

Our high school was a catch basin of other five schools in five different barangays. As expected, those in the list of class officers were a mix of top students from all the five schools.

With everyone on board, the school year’s journey have kicked. So as the competition on the honor roll. The first grading results were announced. I’m on top [!] followed by our class president, secretary, the Crazy Girl, the PIO, and the rest I could not remember. It was a mad scramble as the second grading period. The rankings were clearly unstable. The secretary, the one I had debates with [Read:] , is now on the second spot. The president lowering down two places as Crazy Girl went to third, and PIO held on to his spot so as I.

And oh, the beauty queen in the making girl did not make it to the top ten [maybe too busy entertaining her long line of admirers]. In the end, it was I who held on to that top spot, with Ms. Secretary on the second, and Mr. President on third. Crazy girl landed fifth with PIO overtaking her at fourth.

Conclusions were made as to who was tougher and most adept to intense academic competition. Quite a few first honor elementary students were surpassed by their second or even third honor elementary classmates.  Some even accused their elementary teachers to be biased, favoring those who gave gifts like lechon, donated much on the school, or those who are close friends or relatives were often favored. I was just thankful that I did not let my parents [esp. my mother] be put to shame and scrutiny.

Apparently, the attraction I felt for CG (crazy girl) did not bosom that much this year. We are seated very far apart. She sat at the back of the classroom. Our conversations were as short as just an exchange of question or during classroom activities. We were never group-mates in any grouping or partnering project in any subjects. I also wondered if she already said ‘yes’ to the sophomore who’s eyeing on her.

During the recognition day, her cousin asked to take a picture of me. Well, not actually asked. She just called out my name, I turned around and flash! She ran away laughing.

A stolen picture.

I wondered why.



I chosed not to reveal the names as I might somewhat insult or hurt some of my classmates feelings if they read this. It could be much easier if there were names but, bear with me.

With why did I nicknamed her “Crazy Girl”? I suggest you can read until the very end of this series. 😀

Photo credits: Niel Butal thru Facebook

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