Late Night Debate: Experiences, Mistakes and Learning

We learn from our mistakes. But do we really need to make a mistake just to learn?

An old friend of mine texted me last  night asking the usual “how do you do?”. I answered in the standard, “Things are going fine.” She replied, “How’s your love life?”. I seldom encounter this question from girls like her so I went on again with my standard reply, “Single and happy.” Then, the follow up question hit me: “Aren’t you looking for one?”

Feeling a little bit defensive [and heated up 🙂 ] I replied, ” Do I need to find it? It will come in God’s time. No rush.” Apart from some of our classmates who already got some babies, others even have two already, I chose to be slow and steady [as I always have been].

My friend was persistent. Maybe a little bit defensive also. Until our conversation reached to a point where she told me: “You also need to have experience, you know. It’s part of learning.”

Concluding this would be another debate night, I replied : “Yes, I agree with you on that. We all learn from mistakes, but it doesn’t mean we should make one for us to learn. 🙂 It’s good to venture out of your comfort zones so you’ll find what you got.”

This girl wont just give it up. She texted: ” It’s good to learn right? Prior experience is important so if you’re on the point when you finally meet the one He [the Lord] has given you, you’ll know what to do.”

Wanting to always have the last word, I replied: “Yup. Learning is important. That’s why I said we should venture out of our comfort zones. My point is, we should be careful…You don’t need to touch a hot kettle and get burned just to experience what it feels like and know its hot. Just my five cents.”

After a good five minutes, she bursted: “I give up. haha You’re still good at pointing out things. You should be lawyer! haha” With that, I guess I won [as if its a battle]. The conversation shifted to the what’s latest update, about career, then goodbye. [No ‘good night, sleep tight’ texts.]

The exchange of texts left me thinking to myself. Have I really learned enough? I suppose I only have few mistakes?  Should I have more?

Experience is the best teacher. No doubt about it. First-hand experience will bring out what’s best in you and teach you the best life-changing lessons. But so as second-hand experiences you hear, read, or witness.

30 thoughts on “Late Night Debate: Experiences, Mistakes and Learning

  1. It’s wise to learn from your mistakes but it’s wiser to learn from the mistakes of others, besides, we don’t have the luxury of time in life to make all those mistakes and then learn from them. 😉 (redundant, eh? hehehe)

    I think she’s in to you. ayiiii 😉

  2. I totally understand you! I really feel you! I also think she fancies you, you shouldn’t have debated and instead ask her “So do you want to be part of my first experience” hahaha… Just joking.

    Honestly though, I get that a lot and I guess it’s degrading on both parties to have a partner just for the experience. On your part you’d be a user, on the other’s part, she’d be used like some rag doll. Heart matters are never ever toyed with because whenever you get burned, the mark usually lasts forever.

    Just my five cents. 🙂

  3. try and try until you find the right one ang peg ni ate. pero totoo nga yung sinabi mo colleague, at hindi lang sa aspeto ng pag – ibig ha. sana sa pakikipagdebate mo kay highschool friend, naliwanagan ang isip niya. everything is worth the wait, you know. 🙂

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  5. May naalala akong text message lurve, something in the line na good man learns from their mistakes, wise man learns from others. So, yeah, I agree na hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon eh kailaingang ikaw ang magkamali o maka-experience ng isang bagay para matuto. 🙂

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