That One Crazy Girl: The Day We Met

This is a story of my first crush. The one that makes your nerves on a rattling crisis. This is history, but for the story’s sake, I’ll tell you the story.

Okay, here we go.

It was a fine summer morning sometime in May of 2003. I am to enroll at a nearby high school in our barangay. It’s a good 15 minute walk from our home. I am together with my elementary batch-mate friends (mostly female ones) and their mothers. They all got some company. I felt a little envy. My mother is just at home, but no. I am a big boy now. I can handle myself.

On the last turn before the high school fences are visible, there she was. Together with a classmate of mine, which happened to be her cousin, and a gay friend.

That’s why Maroon 5’s “♪♫♪ Going back to the corner, where I first saw you..” always hits me.

I looked  stared  glanced at her for quite a while. Her white skin (more on the pale white), small eyes (chinese?), long hair, and that cute little dimple when she smiles. The first sting of crush has bitten me.

Feeling ecstatic about entering the new campus, I went on with the enrollment process. Filling up the forms, submitting the requirements, taking the entrance exam , an interview with a high school teacher, and another final interview with the high school principal.

The entrance exam was only ten items! All multiple choice questions. With questions from all varied subjects (english, math, science, history, home economics, music, health). I got 6! That was a bummer. (I was first in class!)

The interview with a high school teacher (which later on I knew was a TLE [Home Economics] teacher) was a brief “introduce yourself” and tickling question.

“Differentiate a house from a home.”

I answered: “A home is where a family lives. A house is a structure that holds the home.”

Then I continued, “A home is a father’s kingdom, a mother’s castle, and the children’s paradise.”

With that, she let me go. Stunned [perhaps]. 😀 I actually got the quote from a book or somewhere else.

The final interview with the principal was just for formality and knowing which section you will be in. I was in Section A! The school got this homogeneous way of classifying the students according to grades and stuff. Good thing the flunked entrance exam didn’t hurt me that much.

Some ten minutes later, I found out the girl I saw was also in Section A. We will be classmates. She’s also smart enough to be in the first section.

Cute eyes: check.

Long hair: check.

White: check.

Slim: check.

Height: check.

Smart: CHECK!

I got home excitedly telling the experience to my parents. [Leaving the story about that cute girl]. Now, I’ll be facing high school with so much vigor. And inspiration. 🙂


Sorry if I got all mushy and eeeky. Most guys won’t admit it. To tell you girls, we also feel the ‘kilig’. We’re just very very discreet. That’s just how it is. haha

More post about the crazy girl soon.


19 thoughts on “That One Crazy Girl: The Day We Met

  1. Haha. Ano ba to, bat bitin naman?!
    Haha. Natuwa ako sa sagot mo! Clever! Smart!
    Dali na, update na kay cute gal!
    Thanks for spilling your ‘manliness’ here. :b

  2. sir! yung kinowt mo na kanta, maroon 5 ba talaga yun o the script? ang title ba niyan ay yung the man who can’t be moved o sadyang may kaparehong lyrics lang silang dalawa? paki – check. nababagabag ako. haha.

    ee kras kras. aabangan ko ‘to. 😀

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