Easing the pain

Numbing in the cold

Trying to forget

The words you have told

How long will this be?

Your war against me

How much would this cost?

To be at war in whom you owe the most.

How will it end?

What do you intend?

When would you accept?

To you, I’ve lost respect.

Will we get back?

The way it was.

Only time will tell,

The decision, upon us.

5 thoughts on “Scarred

  1. rose oil or contractubex…pang alis ng keloid scar…

    kung mild lng ang pain, i-mefenamic, tylenol natin, may stock ako dito:)

    kung moderate – patulan mo na ang tramadol tab…sabayan ng tulog…

    kung severe – ay halika at mag inject na tayo ng nubain, samahan pa ng valium…

    kung ayaw talaga – gusto mo morphine? subdural para masaya….


    pag usaping puso… parang maganda ang overdose ng anxiolytics 😦

    ay ambot, wala sa ayos hihihi

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