ON BEING A Company Nurse, The Perks and the Irks


Ever wondering what it would be like working in an office just sitting all day, doing some paper works,
ansering phone calls, having your own table and of course, a PC! Well, that’s what I wanted to be.
My dream job.

But as easy as it looks, somehow, there’s a sort of incompleteness. A feeling of not being the best that you can be.

It has been almost half a year since I started working as a company nurse. I have well adapted to the
organization. I have made friends out of coworkers. I have even once experienced what the rank and file
production workers do. It is hard. It lets me thank my parents all the way more for providing me with
a better education. And yes, I have not been that long in this position, yet I am already bored.

-The Routine. A day is a short journey from time in to time out. After logging in, get some food in the canteen,
go upstairs, sit down, eat, log in to social networking sites, browse the net, browse the net again, and again, then lunch, browse the net again, and wait till 4pm. time out. end of the day. My day is accessorized by short interruptions from the net such as answering phone calls, photocopying, paging someone, all those simple paper works. 

Thanks (not in a good way) to some intermissions from the routine. A worker collapsing, someone wounded, a trip to the hospital. It pumps up some adrenaline. But when the adrenaline wavers… bored as hell again.

I guess it would take a change of perspective for me to realize what I comfortably have. I hope I can do that soon. Really soon. I hope I can find it. 


9 thoughts on “ON BEING A Company Nurse, The Perks and the Irks

  1. wow isa ka palang tagapangalaga (nurse), saludo po ako sa mga nurse, meron kasi kayo laging baong TLC sa iyong pagtratrabaho. Mabuhay ang mga Nurse, payo ko, iwasan ang magsungit ha kasi baka pumangit, hihih. Nakakagiliw ang mga nurse na masiyahin, nakakagaling ng karamdaman. tsaka pala hindi rin masama ang mag-sungit, basta wag lang sosobrahan, pa-utik-utik lamang ika nga… TLC para sa mga NUrse na kagaya mo. Magandang umaga, salamat at dahil sa iyo natuklasan ko ang blog mo.

    • Salamat! Nakakagaan ng loob na may nakaka-appreciate ng baon naming TLC. Required yata yun! Parang kasama sa sahod na yun! Kailangan ‘pleasing personality’ pa rin gaano kabigat ang dinadalang problema.

      salamat uli sa pagbisita! 😀 balik balik ka din.

    • thanks for the marathon likes and comments! haha 😀 you made my day!

      I’m also enjoying your good long read posts. 🙂

      (medyo nahihirapan na din akong mag-english) haha

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